。client letters

TV program Own Sweet Home 安樂蝸

Dear Stella,

I was one of your clients 3 yrs ago and your office was at Central .You helped me for the wedding gifts. Though this was a small business for you,you provided a good service to me and I appreciated too much.
Now , I live in Ottawa.

Today, I watched Chinese TV Channel, the program is Own Sweet Home 安樂蝸,both your home and office are very nice. 真是很配合妳的氣質。

Now, your shop is on Lamma Island, if I back to HK , I hope I will visit your shop .

Wish you have a happy life and good business !


dear stella,

just wanted to drop you a quick note saying how happy and thankful to you! your beautiful design (together with my dad’s calligraphy in gold ink) is just perfect-bet you can’t find anything close to this in town!! we’ve heard so many praises after receiving the card.

Moreover, if you happen to be in Central on 22 September Saturday afternoon (3-5pm), please feel me to drop by the Helena May for a drink or so. It’ll be the wedding ceremony and a small close friends cocktail party. But if you come, please don’t bring us any gift. your presence is our pleasure =)


Dear Stella,

Thank you very much for the great work! we super love the unique logo, as well as the elegant card designs : ) Your advice and recommendation to our wedding stationery have been very useful and we’re lucky to have met you in our wedding preparation. We would highly recommend you to our friends!

Marina & Fox

Dear Stella,
We like the photos , they are sharp and clear and some very candid with everyone looking so happy. Many of our friends gave good comment for the pictures.
Thank you so much for your help.

F hung

Dear Stella,

I want to thank you again for all your help. The decoration for Jennifer & Jonathan’s wedding reception was excellent I am sure it will look even better in the photos. Everyone has a great time in the party and thoroughly enjoy it.
I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Best regards,
F Hung

Sojan, Stella

I am in my home , again
So enjoy of this meeting in my two weeks on Lamma Island
Really ,it was a beauty to meet you
You kept my hands for so long times in your hands
A very deep welcome

I will give you some picture of my time there
I would like to keep contact with you
Now I make usefull things ,incredible

Why not to make some work together ?

kisses and dream about that
With a lot of joice

Rachel – a French artist living in Greek now

Dear Stella,

This is JJ. I am writing this email to you because I would like to say a “thank you” note to you.

Yesterday, when I visited the Book Kiosk at Mandarin Oriental HK, I found there’s a masterpiece bracelet there, which is 100% match with my set of pearl jewellery items, see attached photo, for your reference.

Even though those pearl are born with fresh water pearl, not 100% nature, it looks great and match with my whole sets nature Peral from Tahiti. What I want to say is you have done a very good job and made us, as Hong Kong people, pride of you. I known your shop have been moved to Lamma Island. When I heard this news, it’s definitely made me upset, because I got sea-sick, it’s hard for me to take the ship to your place and see your masterpiece; and have a nice chat with you.

As if you have any new items, please feel free to let me know. I known that the upcoming fashion trend will be mainly focus on Peral Item. Just do it.


P.S.: I am a guy, not a gals. Nowadays, ALL fine jewellery is not belonging to female; from my own point of view, I treat it as a piece of art; and make people happy.

Dear Stella,

Your life living in such a place and a shop like that is my dream actually!
Very nice meeting you too ……!
I appreciate very much for your designs and product packaging.

By the way, I am working as a social worker for some disabled people, and some of my colleagues are developing their handicrafts also, you must like it! Share with you next time!


We find Stella’s design original, elegant and refreshing. She is very professional and dedicated to her work – she spends long hours (and even stays up till late at night) to make sure things are on track and that quality work is produced. We are also impressed by how patient Stella is with her clients. We have never heard Stella utter an unpleasant word, and she is always willing to listen to our (sometimes unreasonable) comments and accommodate our needs. We had a terrific time working with Stella and would definitely recommend her to others.

Nora and Armand

Dear Stella,

Thank you for your wonderful work in making the stationary for our wedding – for the wedding table cards, escort cards and ceremony programs. Everything matched beautifully and had really nice attention to detail. Thank you for your patience with us in putting together exactly what we were looking for and also making your own suggestions to help direct us to a great final product. We appreciated the nice small touches you added including providing us the pretty blue ribbons for the ceremony programs free of charge. We hope to work together with you again in the near future!


Kathy and Yu

Having searched endlessly for a custom wedding stationary designer, we accidentally came across s+clicks on the internet and never regretted our choice! Whilst we had some vaque idea on the designs we liked, Stella was very attentive

and gave us invaluable advices on how to execute them. Her recommendations on the layouts, colour schemes, paper choices were all extremely helpful. Stella was also meticulous on details, and has painstakingly added beadings, ribbons and other features on our cards.

Thanks to Stella, we now have a set of unique wedding cards to treasure!

Rachel & Clement

Dear Stella

thank you so much for all your help with the production of our brown & blue wedding ceremony programmes. You did a fantastic job in creating a unique personal touch in these programmes with the selection of fine papers, graphics and ribbons matching our color theme. We are extremely impressed with your perfectionism and attention to details. The programmes are tastefully done and more than what we expected. We simply LOVE them! They really made a bold statement at our wedding. You are a very talented designer and awesome customer service person that we would recommend to our friends and family for no doubt.


Joyce & Tony

We are the lucky beneficiaries of Stella’s beautiful wedding stationery – the
invitation card she designed was lovely and a perfect match with our style and
the overall wedding theme. Stella recommended fancy paper with a woolly
texture and custom-designed the entire layout using a wedding photo we chose.
We also had very useful advice from her on color schemes so that the invitation
card served as a prologue and set the tone for our wedding. We had lots of
compliments from guests on the invitation card, the price we paid was worth
every penny!We are very grateful for the time Stella spent on understanding our needs and
discussing her ideas with us. She has great attention to details which was a
great relief for us to have her supervising the whole production process and
making sure everything was perfectly done.. We really look forward to seeing more
of Stella’s wonderful work and craftsmanship!Melanie & Ryan

Dear Stella,

Thanks for your great work to the community, i think arts is a very important
part in our lifes.


Dear Stella,

Thanks for writing, i saw the beautiful card and wedding stuff you made,
very elegant, keep doing that, and don’t work too hard.

talk soon,

Hand in Hand Programme

Dear Stella,

Thanks again for your time and the experience I gained from joining Hand in
Hand programme, and also for getting to know you!
Take care and keep in touch.


Hand in Hand Program

Dear Stella,

Really thank you for your well arrangement in this program, I am sorry that I didn’t
participate too much, as I have been staying home these months due to my
feet surgery….so bore to stay at home. ha~


Dear Stella,

Thanks for your arrangement. Really appreciate for all you have done for
the program. It has been great fun meeting with all these new friends!
And well done on the Sing Pao featuring!

I look forward to participating in your future programs!

Joanne Su

Hand in Hand Program

Dear Stella,

I really appreciate your hard working during the hand-in-hand project.

Thank you very much!
Best Regards,

Sarah Lam

Hi Stella,

Thanks for the photos. I will forward your website as well as the photos to
my friends. To be that talented, and have such a passion in creating, and
sharing your love of living with others are valuable. Keep up with your good

Do you know the pearl jewelry (I don’t know what it is called) really stands out
especially the way you showed me how to wear it.

God be with you always.

RE: hand in hand (Notice 13) ~ thank you note ~

Dearest Stella and all,

Thank you so much for this wonderful programme!!!! Without you this would not
have happened!!! I am so sorry for my lack of participation. I just wish that I have
more time to do more! However, as well as thanking Stella, I would also like to
thank everyone for their kindness and friendliness.

All your work/art pieces/food/display/collection are/were amazing!!! It was my
pleasure to meet you all and spend a fun afternoon with you!

Of course, and last but not least, a v big thank you to Joanne for helping me
with everything and for her enthusiasm, sweetness and kindness!

With love,

Dear Stella,

Well done on Saturday!! The party went really well and successful! I had a great
time and I’m sure everyone else also enjoyed it very much!

Thank you for your great effort!

Joanne Su

Thank you

Dear Stella,

Thank you for organising the launch party. It has been a great success for
all of us. My friends have been very supportive and I am very fortunate to have
them and most of all to know you. You offer me a great chance to show my works
in your very unique and comfortable shop. My friends also complimented your
shop, its atmosphere (very relaxed and charming), its content (full of interesting
curios and arty ideas), and the meaningful purpose of Hand in Hand project.

I have had a wonderful day and would love to develop/participate in similar
events with you in the near future!

We are all very exhausted!!
Take a good rest and have a good sleep!!


Hi Stella,

Wonderful to visit your shop and see your jewelries! It is a nice & sweet shop!
I love your shop, your jewelries, your book ….
It is a pity that not able to chat with you and even say goodbye to you in such
a harsh HK trip. Maybe let’s talk next chance!

Have a nice day oh!



Stella Cheng:



回覆: 這城市 - 璀璨而 寂寞!

Hello Stella,

Thanks your blog. I feel very pity and watched the news too. Everything is
change……..your words on the blog very meaningful, very touching……….


Re: jewelry lesson

Dear Stella,

It was really nice to spend last Sunday afternoon in your workshop for the first
jewellery lesson. Cheryl and I enjoyed it very much except that my pair of
glasses was not good enough for jewellery making. I will make sure I have a
better pair next time.
Look forward to seeing you on 9 April.

Best regards,

Re: re the exhibition & workshop on Sat, 3 Dec

Dear Stella,

Congratulations Stella!! You are doing a great job, very active, don’t think I can
make it, best of luck and good wishes to all yr new ventures.




It was an enjoyment to read your book. Can feel your effort put into the book.
Saw my name appears in the acknowledgement. That is very kind of you.
I like what Simon said “every one of you hopes best for Stella”


Re: 銀彩新飾 “Eternal Glamour” Jewe lry
Exhibition at s+clicks

Hi hi,

This is Gigi. It has been a long time since I have dropped by. I just came back
from Japan. I have looked at your website. The pictures are beautiful. And of
course, your collection. Thank you for your invitations. Unfortunately, I only had
time to check my mail now. I hope to catch up with you soon. I am busy this
week…I will try make time to see u next week.

I truly wish that your art, designs and views can be shared with, and be
appreciated by more and more people. I truly believe that you and your work
can make people happy.

With support, care and love

ps please let me know your next event. I shall try and make it

Hey Stella,

Haaaaaaappy New Year!! Thanks for coming to visit us with your friend at our
booth!! Thanks you so much for your support! I am looking forward to chatting
with you and visit your lovely artworks!! Happy New Year!! See you next year!!


Re: Thank you Note

My pleasure Stella.

You deserve it–you really have a passion for what you do and also some
very pretty pieces.Good luck!
I’ll keep sending people our way!

Kind regards,
Lale Kesebi